Blue Sapphire : The Azure Precious Gemstone



Blue Sapphires and Royalty 

For centuries there has been a strong association between sapphires and royalty. Symbolising nobility and the virtues we can associate with that class, sapphires have grown to be one of the most sort after type of gemstone in the world.

A famous case of royalty and sapphires would be with the late lady Diana. Prince Charles had given her an exotic blue sapphire from the tropical island of Ceylon, now known as Sri Lanka. That sapphire had been in an engagement ring that charmed the world, with a fairy-tale come to life. Years after the tragic death of lady Diana, that very same ring had been given to Catherine the current Duchess of Cambridge, as an engagement ring.

Blue Sapphires History and Mythology 

Blue sapphires were revered and sort after by ancient royalty as well. The Roman and Greek rulers believed in its powers of protection, keeping the negative emotions of people at bay. 

The ancient nobles also associated the brilliant gemstone with truth, sincerity, and faithfulness. It had been adorned on important robes and outfits of their time. Aside from its virtues, blue sapphires have also represented the status of wealth and prosperity.

Sapphire and its Origins

There has always been a strong association with sapphires and the colour blue. In fact, its name comes from the ancient Greek word "Sappheiros" which likely meant the blue gemstone Lapis Lazuli. In reality sapphires come in a multitude of colours, even a ruby is a red sapphire believe it or not. But because of its rarity and desire the sapphire most regarded as precious, would be the Blue Sapphire.

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