Chrome Diopside: Symbol of Nature


A close contender to an Emeralds beauty due to its magnificent green hues, in fact it get commonly mistaken for emeralds. Chrome diopside is a more recently discovered gemstone and is exclusively mined from Eastern Siberia, although lately a few mines were discovered in Pakistan as well. What gives it its exquisite green tones is the amount of the trace element within it called Chromium, no doubt what inspired its name to.


Popularity of Chrome Diopside


Now with the skyrocketing demand for these fabled green gemstones, chrome diopside is inspiring incredible new jewelry pieces to be made. Used In new generation engagement rings, large earrings and even statement necklaces, this gemstone is clearly emboldening the fashion sense of our younger generation.


Symbolism of Chrome Diopside


Renowned for its mesmerizing forest green colour, Chrome Diopside is the perfect gemstone for nature lovers. Its striking green hues symbolize the brilliance and richness of mother nature. A statement to all who want to protect the environment and see its healthy green atmosphere be preserved and grown, this gemstone is the perfect piece to express your inner eco-warrior