Emerald : The Verdant Precious Gemstone


Emeralds, History and Mythology 

Emeralds are associated with many meanings, ranging from the protection against evil spirits, to attaining great wealth and prosperity, and even suggesting venomous spite and envy. But even with all the different connotations given to this precious gemstone, the desire it creates is truly unmatched.

Though there are several green stones like peridots, tourmalines and jade, none can match the soothing verdancy of an emerald. The name emerald comes from the word "Smaragdus" which in ancient Greek mean green. Pliny the Elder from ancient Rome had also claimed that there is nothing greener than an emerald.

Emeralds and Prosperity 

Emeralds have come to be used to symbolise prosperity and achievement, in many different avenues. There are statues, cities and even countries that are named after or nicknamed after emeralds. A few examples would be the Emerald Isle commonly known as Ireland, or the most sacred religious statue in Thailand, The Emerald Buddha (It's really made from Jade).

Emeralds of Egypt 

The first emerald mine was discovered in Egypt around the 1700s, and was strongly associated with Queen Cleopatra. She had an intense desire for emeralds,  and always wore them as a symbol of her royalty. Eventually she would be recognized as one of the most famous figures in history to be associated with the precious gemstone. 

So, if you want to feel Royal, it's time to make some investments on certain green stone.

Emeralds and Royalty 

Speaking of royalty, the emerald was also referred to as "The Jewel of Kings", as there were beliefs that it granted eloquence, intelligence and foresight.

Even Queen Cleopatra gave emeralds to foreign dignitaries, to strategically associate herself with wealth and power. 

In fact, with the myths and stories told about emeralds, emerald jewellery can be given as precious and more meaningful gifts. It would show that you come from a different standard of people, one that is elevated beyond the simple chocolates and wine. Eventually your reputation will grow, perhaps to be the modern Emerald Queen of the 2000s.


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