Sterling Lettters

Dear Patrons,

H Sterling Jewellers are proud to present the "Sterling Letters," blog. This blog is our way to share our knowledge with you, in regard to the jewellery industry, history, fashion trends, and all things jewellery.
We go in-depth to teach our patrons about the jewellery industry and more. By doing so we hope our patrons get a better understanding and appreciation of the jewellery, and why the jewellery industry has been there intact for so long.

Furthermore, we will be exploring through multiple angles to provide a more holistic understanding of the jewellery industry. We hope to start with the more informative and content-rich articles such as understanding the value of gems, what are the criteria to determine the price of gems and how to identifying it's quality. With gemstones and jewellery, there is plenty to explore and we hope you our patrons will enjoy the content we provide.
Lastly, we thought this was another interesting way to interact with our patrons by providing sone form of knowledge. We haven't seen many companies do this which often breaks the human interaction aspect of a business, so we hope to hear from you with questions or topics you would like to know or get answered about the world of gems and jewellery.


H Sterling Jewellers