Moissanite: Overthrowing the Diamond 

Soon Diamond the king of gemstones will be overthrown! There is a newer clear gemstone that is contending with the old king, and it's name is Synthetic Moissanite.

Let's first talk about the similarities with diamonds. Moissanite is clear like diamond and is a perfect substitute for engagement and wedding rings. Moissanite's hardness is only second to diamond, it's even harder than sapphires and rubies. Like diamonds it can come in so many shapes and cuts, such as: round brilliant, princess, marquise, baguette, etc.

Now what makes Moissanite stand apart from Diamond. Moissanite has a superior brilliance which even surpasses the Diamond in the refractive index. Moissanite also has an undaunted fire when compared to most other gemstones, which means it very vividly flashes colors when observed by others.

Now for the quality that will pave the path for Moissanites eventual succession. Its Price. When compared to diamond, Moissanite is far more affordable and accessible than the old king of gemstones. As an easy comparison let's take a 1ct diamond, it can easily be over 5 times as expensive as a 1ct Moissanite of the same cut. There is a clear winner here.