Why We Sell Sterling Silver?


Why "Sterling Silver"! You may ask? Why not gold?

Simply because it's the underappreciated metal in our Ceylonese history, and we want to give it a chance to shine! We believe in being different from the crowd, standing for something more meaningful and expressing who we really are. What better way to do that than wearing something precious, that only a niche' crowd can appreciate?

Is "Sterling Silver" worth anything?

Of course! It's one of the four precious metals on earth. Historically silver has been used to back paper money, in fact its coinage was supposedly used far prior to gold. To this day it's still traded as a precious commodity like gold. 

Though silver can be found more abundantly than gold, it still can translate into fine pieces of jewellery and precious items. In fact, due to its availability it can carry a deeper and more intimate value, based off your design's intricacies and details. 

Due to our silver accessibility we are able to create larger and more prominent pieces at a very suitable value. Hence silver becomes the perfect balance of affordability and flawless self-expression.

What can "Silver" be used for?

There are a few interesting facts about silver aside from being used for jewellery and precious items, such as it medical properties, industrial uses and mythical prominence. In regard to health benefits we're not saying swallowing silver coins will cure any ailment, but what silver has is antibiotic properties that can be used for healing certain types wounds and is useful for some invasive procedures as well.

Silver additionally has properties that make it valuable in many other industries, such as its very high melting point and its excellent electrical conductivity. 

But before even considering silver science, we believed in silver as an incredibly lucky metal. Many had faith that silver was capable of acting like a conduit for celestial energies. In fact, the most spiritually aware among us believe it can carry positive energies from the moon's rays. It is also said to reflect negativity away and protecting anyone in contact with it. Many ancient cultures such as the first Greeks, Anatolians, Vikings, and others believed in the mystical properties of silver. This was partly due to the powerful association silver had with the moon, in tangent with the reverence these ancient cultures had for the moon.

Why is Silver important to Us?

Speaking of the "Moon", this celestial floating rock is also curiously relevant to our brand. The "H" for H Sterling jewellers, stands for Hemachandra. Hemachandra is a revered Sri Lankan Family name that has meaning in an ancient language called "Sanskrit". In this language "Chandra" means Moon, and in turn is affiliated to silver. So, we Hemachandra's respectfully work with the precious metals associated to us and hope to spread the appreciation we have for silver to you.


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