Why Would We Wear Silver Jewellery?


Why Would We Wear Silver Jewellery?

Throughout history, many different people and cultures have adored silver. This is most notably due to its spectacular colour and ability to reflect light. Its rarity and use as currency also amplified its value, leading to an epic lust for silver jewellery. Wearing silver has always given an idea of a person's wealth and status, and as such led to a historical desire for the precious metal. 

With every myth and belief comes a story, and silver has had many stories. These tales were told by different cultures, and as such has gone down in history as one of the most valuable material, in the world.

Cultures That Treasured Silver 


The ancient Mesopotamian silversmiths used to craft silver rings, and trade them even as currency. Silver acted as a currency in this age though not as coins. Instead silver had been bartered in whatever form it was in, from precious ornaments to jewellery.


Like the Mesopotamians the Celtic people made silver jewellery that could be bartered. Their currency was also made of metal rings, though they used other material like gold, copper and bronze as well. Silver and bronze were mostly used for jewellery such as brooches, torcs and lunula, which were the most commonly worn accessories at that time.


Initially when silver was introduced to the ancient people of Egypt it was treated as an exclusive metal, as with Lapis they were both materials far from home. In fact, gold was easier to own than silver, and as a result they adorned silver jewellery as a symbol of importance and wealth. 

Once silver was brought in more abundantly, it had easily reached the height of fashion. The fact that the Pharaoh Sheshonq II had a sarcophagus made in silver should be an indicator of how much they valued the precious metal.

Kings and Vikings 

In the medieval era silver jewellery and ornaments were plentiful. Styles from roman and Germanic origins were seen in pieces such as fibulae, disc brooches, penannular brooches, buckles, and Niello brooches. These were ancient types of accessories.

During the Viking raids in 800AD on the Northwest coast of Europe, silver was the most plundered form of treasure they had found. Taking this back to their Scandinavian silversmiths, their accessories started to evolve and become more valuable. Silver jewellery then became a part of their traditions and culture.

Other Cultures 

There were many other ancient cultures that have used silver as jewellery, such as the Romans, Greeks, Minoans, Victorian and so on. Most commonly due to its dazzling beauty and its brilliant reflection of light. It has also commonly been associated with their myths & beliefs, and as a result grew its value. Silver will always carry tales of its prominence & demand, and by knowing them will we see what its truly worth.

Why Should We Wear Silver?

Because it's Valuable. 

Because It's Beautiful.

And Because It always has a Story.


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