About Us

Vision of the business.

To be the symbol of elegance and beauty for handcrafted artisan jewellery in the eCommerce Arena.


Mission of the store:

To serve our handcrafted treasures to the Online jewellery world, wrapped in unrivalled quality, integrity, craftsmanship and fair value.


 Brief Introduction:

H Sterling Jewellers consists of a lineage of accomplished craftsmen, dating back to almost a century of its initial formation. In order to keep our designs as desired today as it has been for nearly a hundred years, we have embraced the teachings of our forefathers and have modernized our craft with each generation. Since our commencement we have honed and perfected our craftsmanship to even greater heights and are wholly committed to advancing our mastery, years to come.

We at H Sterling Jewellers believe in delivering only the finest to our clientele, whilst our competition may share a similar vision, we allow our pristine creations and ever eager patrons to attest to our artistry and expertise. We hope to serve you to the best of our abilities and provide access to our timeless masterpiece collections and make your special moments truly unforgettable.


- Sincerely yours, H Sterling Jewellers


For any further information contact us at: hsterlingjewellers@gmail.com


H Sterling Jewellers