Guilty Pleasure

Guilty Pleasure

The "Guilty Pleasure" promotion is a monthly promotion, in which our dear Chairperson Y.H.Hemchandra, personally selects jewellery pieces to be discounted to USD 50.99 regardless of its original price. 

As with many of our promotions, the "Guilty Pleasure" promotion is an offer made from one of our many  experiences with our patrons. The Hemachandra lineage has lasted many generations, passing their knowledge and expertise down to their children, and their children's children.

Our dear Chairperson Y.H.Hemchandra in her initial days of working developed a particular habit that limited her profitability at the time. She believed from a very young age to always provide the best in everything she does. When she began her own firm, she directly got involved with the production to ensure that the highest quality is always maintained. Expending all her resources with constant supervision, use of high quality material and always trying to offer the best deal to her customers, the company's financial performance wasn't up to mark. Unfortunately the profitability was too low for an extended period of time and was clearly disheartening her, but she never gave up and kept searching for ways to move forward.

Basically she would give her customers a reasonably personalized price, for one of her beautifully and uniquely crafted pieces,that would usually go over her budget when made. Instead of changing the price she allowed it to stay,even if it was cutting into her profit margins. As a result of the quality, personalization and affordability she was rewarded with an incredibly loyal fan base.  

C.H. Hemchandra wasn't very happy about the diminishing profits and questioned her, why she would sacrifice so much for so little. She simply told him "Where would we be if not for our customers? treat them the same way you would want to be treated and they will always come back. It is my pleasure to see a happy customer, and knowing full well I did my best in making the best possible product for them." With that Y.H.Hemchandra and C.H.Hemchandra came to an understanding and continued onward with the organizations operations. 

Taking this story as inspiration, H Sterling Jewellers will be bringing the "Guilty Pleasure" promotion to the online store, for our international customers to share in our experiences & traditions. 


- Sincerely H Sterling Jewellers