The Lady Of The Month

The Lady Of The Month

In line with our thoughts on providing the utmost value to our dear and valued customers, H Sterling Jewellers  created "The Lady Of The Month" promotion to yet again uphold one of our many traditions. 

This tradition came about with our chairperson, Y.H. Hemachandra. As the time had come to pass on the baton, Y.H Hemchandra often missed designing jewellery and conversing with our dear patrons. Y.H Hemachandra loved to design jewellery, it's what she's been doing for year, and so she started to design again but in secret; and often still kept in touch with her clients through calls or social media to see how they are doing. Likewise, our patrons often asked where Y.H.Hemachandra is, as she was always known to greet her patrons with a warm smile and personally take care of them. 

Understanding the needs of our customers, we at H Sterling Jewellers decided to bring our dear chairperson back as a consultant to work alongside us, and take care of her customers and the bond they created for so long. Henceforth, every month our chairperson creates a set piece of jewellery with our team to sell to her customers personally and sell a limited amount now online.


"Because where would we be if not for our customers? Treat them like the way you would like to be treated and they will always come back." - Y.H.H


 - Sincerely H Sterling Jewellers